new biomarkers
for Women’s Health.

Who we are

In MiMARK, we care for Women’s Health. We are specialized in the discovery, verification and validation of biomarkers to develop new solutions for gynecological patients.

Our commited team

Marina Rigau, PhD, MBA
CEO & Co-Founder

Eva Colás,
CSO & Co-Founder

Antonio Gil,
CMO & Co-Founder

Anna Fàbregas
Regulatory &
Quality Specialist

Eva Coll
Project Lead

Pau Tomás
Industrial PhD

ongoing project

The next step for diagnosing
endometrial cancer

Unmet clinical need

Abnormal vaginal bleeding affects 9M women in EU and US yearly. Diagnosis of endometrial cancer is mandatory since 10% of these women will suffer it. Current diagnosis is based on the pathological examination of an endometrial biopsy (pipelle biopsy), but this fails to diagnose 22% of patients, and provides an inaccurate diagnosis in 55% of cases. This failure is associated to the scarce cellularity of the sample. In those cases, invasive diagnosis using histeroscopy needs to be performed.

most common cancer
most deathly cancer

IVD test based on the assessment of 5 protein biomarkers in the uterine fluid


WomEC is an in vitro diagnostic tool based on the determination of 5 protein biomarkers in uterine fluid samples to provide diagnosis to 100% of patients, rule out endometrial cancer with great specificity, and provide information on histological subtype of the tumor to guide surgical treatment.

WomEC is now being developed as an easy, quick and less costly diagnostic kit to facilitate the clinical implementation in clinical laboratories.

Two patents filed in 2016 and 2017,
now extended in AU, BR, CA, US, EU, JP, CH
Well protected asset
4 clinical retrospective studies in 291 patients
using LC-PRM technology and ELISA technology
Proven accuracy in a clinical setting
International publications:
Oncotarget 2016, Clin Ca Research 2017, Expert Rev Proteomics. 2018
Antibody tests achieved for 6 protein biomarkers Prototype feasibility
Validation of the clinical need +50 interviews Clinical relevance

We seek partners to foster
the WomEC development

Key Opinion Leaders are supporting WomEC

“WomEC will revolutionize uterine cancer diagnosis in the world”

Javier F. Magrina,
Director Gynecologic Oncology

“From a clinical perspective, the project is expected to benefit the European community”

Frederic Amant,
Head of the gynecology oncology department,
ex-chairman of the ENITEC consortium

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